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100% Biodegradable tableware
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  • The raw material PLA (Polyactic Acid) of tableware is derived from from corn. This product is 100% degradable under photosynthesis and degradable environmental conditions. Unlike traditional plastic products, which are based on petroleum, they are toxic by heating. They are not degradable and non-renewable resources.
     Protect the environment of the earth and caring for the health of your family, please choose the environmentally friendly tableware made of PLA corn. PLA are absolutely non-toxic and can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide one or two years after disposal. It is a PLA polylactic acid bioplastic, and we prefer to call our product "corn." Corn is regrown year after year, extracting its essence, and then using high technology to condense into high temperature resistant, large molecular weight bioplastics, without any plasticizing additives, using it to make meals, absolutely non-toxic, for Infants and young children are more suitable.


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