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Application of degradable materials
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  • Core technology


    Blown film technology of biodegradable material

    Special up blow mould to make film derived from material PLA35 and PLA50, lengthening extruder screw and precise die structure design.

    Biodegradable material within more than 50% biochar

    Special formula material is specialized designed for European & American market.

    Composite technology of Starch-based with  biomass degradation material

    Based on corn starch in three northeast provinces, we created starch making film technology.

    Composite technology of straw cellulose-based biodegradable material and film processing technology

    Using low temperature refining technical to get 10um straw cellulose particle; surface chemical reaction techniques to eliminate high temperature caused colour change; good disperse and compatible to keep high strength, all of these will open a new way on processing & using biomass straw.

    Complete technology of biodegradable tooth-brush, paint brush

    Biodegradable technology with high rigidity, elasticity and temperature resistance of toothbrush filament and composite material of brush handle with high molding efficiency.


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