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PVC slush process
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  • HANVINYL HVR serial plasticized PVC compounds are free flow dry powder, use to prepare
    automotive interiors with slush process such as instrument panel skin, door panel and arm rest skins.

    □Excellent odor and voc
    The products significantly reduce the emissions thanks to the high purity raw material of food contact level, stable formulation and special blending process.

    □ Excellent low temperature performance
    We can provide very low Tg grade even below -40℃ to meet seamless airbag deployment requirement.

    □ Customization
    We can offer variety of grades to meet different design requirement, different low temperature and heat aging requirement as well as different colors.

    □ Environmental and safety
    HANVINYL HVR compounds are compliant to directive 2000/53/EC from EU, they do not contain any heavy metals such as Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd). Mercury (Hg) or chromium (Cr VI).


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